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Raw Dairy

It is rare to find raw dairy products when the trend has been to create shelf stable, highly altered dairy products and alternatives. Our family founded RAW FARM in 1999 on the belief that raw dairy products was a foundational food and could be produced safely. Over the past two (2) decades, we have taken great pride in our focused mission to bring tested, raw dairy products across the USA. We take the most important food designed for human-kind and meticulously craft it (but not alter it) so that you and your family can enjoy each savory and rich flavor. Our raw milk from grass-grazed cows (365 days a year) is the most natural way dairy products can be produced. Our mixed herd grazes in mobs, just as they have naturally grazed since primal eras. The flavor from this style of mob grazing is noted with our product’s creamy textures and changing colors. Changing colors? Yes, each season brings different grasses and weather patterns. It is because of this that our products will evolve and change every month with tones of yellow, tan, and orange. Simply beautiful.
Raw Dairy