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What Is Butter Coffee?

When people come in here, they see 2.0 butter coffee on the menu, and they wonder, "What in the world is butter coffee?"
So with our 2.0 butter coffee, we use our Bulletproof beans, brewed coffee, put butter and MCT oil in, and blend it in the blender.
We do that because the butter keeps you full all day, the MCT oil sends ketones to your brain, and when you blend the butter and the MCT oil with a coffee, it encapsulates the caffeine and gives a lipid barrier around it.
It gives you clean energy throughout the whole day, instead of that hit of caffeine 20 minutes after you drink a cup of coffee.
​​Get healthy! Park your car at 1570 W. Olive Ave, Unit C Porterville, CA 93257, or Call us at (559) 615-1705
I challenge you to swap out the coffee you drink every day and try our 2.0 butter coffee, and you will see the difference.