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Try Our Bulletproof Coffee in Porterville California

So one of the great things at 2.0 Coffee Company in Porterville is that we use Bulletproof brand beans and Bulletproof brand beans are lab tested for mycotoxins and mold.
They have a proprietary washing and drying system where they wash and dry the beans and then send them out of roasters, and they are lab tested afterward to ensure there's no mold or mycotoxins.
In the United States, 50% of the coffee has mold and mycotoxins, where you get blends.
They blend bad coffee with good coffee.
At 2.0 Coffee Company, we use single-origin coffee. It comes from either Guatemala or Colombia, and it goes through rigorous lab testing.
And so the coffee that you get won't give you any jitters, it's clean, and it's the only coffee other than Purity, which we also use here, that is lab tested and mold-free.
​​Get healthy! Park your car at 1570 W. Olive Ave, Unit C Porterville, CA 93257, or Call us at (559) 615-1705
This coming week, come on in, and we're going to swap your coffee with Bulletproof coffee, and you can see how that feels.